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Høy tilfredshet blant Wolt-budene. Les mer om hvorfor og om vår modell.

Wolt tilbyr bud en ny og mer fleksibel måte å tjene penger på. Våre bud er selvstendig næringsdrivende. Bud kan...

‘Why I moved to Helsinki’

At Wolt, we know that building a great product requires top-notch developers, or setting up successful operations requires the right...

Sugar coated user empathy: how we stepped into the shoes of our restaurant merchants

Why I’m choosing to work in a product company instead of consulting (and you should, too)

EU law will affect how you pay with Wolt starting Sep 14

How we came to create a new image placeholder algorithm, BlurHash

Poyan, Wolt’s Courier app developer: “What drew me in is the emphasis the company puts on tech”

Wolt is investing in tech and expansion and hiring 1,000 people by the end of 2020 – a Q&A on our new funding

Today is a big day for our team, as we just announced that we’ve recently raised 137 million euros to...

Johann, Wolt’s logistics engineer: “The most difficult situations require me to be Sherlock Holmes – when the routing suddenly goes haywire”

Tatiana, the DevOps Queen at Wolt: “Haskell is the only beautiful thing in the world”

Did you know that Wolt’s tech stack is a lot broader than a single mobile app? We build all our...

Niilo, VP of Engineering: “I was a Typescript and React guy who joined Wolt because of the people. Now I’m scaling our whole engineering team.”

Solid state-of-the-art technology. That’s what Wolt’s food delivery is built on. Our Apple-awarded app makes it incredibly easy to discover...