New Spice House

Indická kuchyně v srdci Evropy

Toto menu je v angličtina. Přejete si zobrazit překlad od robota v jiném jazyce?


Food prices include packaging fees. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only.

Extra napkins

0,00 Kč


Tomato soup

tomato soup cooked with cream (A7, A12)

80,00 Kč


Vegetable samosa

vegetable samosa is a fried triangular shapped wheat bread pastry, generally stuffed with lightly spiced vegetables such as potatoes (1, 10, 12)

95,00 Kč

Tandoori chicken (starter)

1 chicken leg (7, 12)

125,00 Kč

Chicken tikka (starter)

(7, 12)

125,00 Kč

Chicken pakora

deep fried (crispy) chicken coated with gram flour batter (1, 10, 12)

130,00 Kč

Plain papadam (2 pieces)

a thin crispy Indian wafer made of pulse and rice flour (12)

55,00 Kč

Spicy papadam (2 pieces)

spicy crispy pancake (12)

65,00 Kč


prepared from yogurt mixed with coriander, cumin, raw-onions, cucumber and spices (7,12)

60,00 Kč

Onion bhajee

deep fcUried sliced onion with lentils, eggs and gramflour (1,3,12)

65,00 Kč


Mix vegetable salad

salad is prepared from a combination of carrot, cucumber, tomatoes; served with dressing (3,7,12)

120,00 Kč


Chicken makhni

a lightly spiced dish prepared with cashew nuts, almonds, cream and indian spices, chicken (7,12)

245,00 Kč

Chicken shashlik

marinated chicken grilled with onions, tomatoes, capsicums and herbs (7, 12)

255,00 Kč

Lamb rogan josh

lamb prepared with a special sauce, herbs and aromatic spices, sweet and sour (7, 12)

290,00 Kč


Butter chicken

butter chicken is prepared with a butter based sauce, lightly spiced and very aromatic (7,12)

275,00 Kč



a sauce of medium consistency, made from a wide range of indian spices (2,12)

190,00 Kč