The American Pie Co. Indre By

Autentiske amerikanske pies

The Specials

We offer specials for seasonal focus and fun holiday treats! Keep an eye out each month for pie inspiration.

The Savory Pies

Our savory pies are made from scratch with quality meats, veggies, herbs and spices. Baked in our signature butter crust and served individually – a hearty meal, perfect for lunchtime or dinner!

V - Vegetarisk

The Sweet Slices

Our sweet pies are served by the slice and are seasonal, with flavors constantly changing every 2-3 months. Never a dull moment!


Indulge in the ultimate treat. PIESCREAM is like Ben&Jerry’s on steroids. We chop our handmade pie and layer it with vanilla ice cream and toppings. 100% Amazing. 110% Sinful!

Take And Bake

Our Take & Bake option is perfect for a hot home-cooked meal…without the effort and clean-up! Pies arrive to you frozen and ready to bake. Simply preheat your oven to 180 C and bake for ca. 50-55 minutes, or until deep golden brown and bubbling. Comfort food for the soul!

Cold drinks