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Hello Vienna! 💙 


July 18, 2023



Hello Vienna! 👋 

We're finally live! 🙏  We are still working on a few details and ask for your forgiveness if anything goes wrong with your order. But to give you a chance to get to know us, we've included some info about Wolt in this article. So, first of all, who are we? Wolt is a Finnish technology company that makes it incredibly easy for you to discover the best restaurants in your area and order from them to your home with ease. Wolt's mission is to make cities better places for customers, retailers and delivery people. We care about your satisfaction. 💙 That's why we promise you the best service: 👉  Plenty of choice: At Wolt, everyone will find something for themselves! You can order delicacies from all over the world at Wolt - from juicy burgers and Italian pizza to exquisite sushi and vegan delicacies. 🌎🍔🍱 👉  Not just numerous, but the best restaurants in town! Already joining Wolt are Baschly, Pizzis and Cream, Akakiko, Plain Vienna and Five Guys! đŸ”Ĩ But that's not all! We are constantly expanding our assortment. 😎 👉  Fast delivery: Our professional couriers will deliver your favorite food in 35 minutes or less! In addition, you can track your delivery status at any time and see where the supplier is currently located! 🚲💨  👉  Live customer support: reliable on-site customer service that helps at every stage of the order and responds to inquiries within 60 seconds! 😊📱 👉  Weekly offers such as free delivery, discount coupons and festive offers! 🤑đŸĢ° We attach a lot of importance to the contact with our Users. That's why we are open to suggestions for new restaurants to join the Wolt family. Write to us at any time of the day and share your concerns! We wish you a lot of fun! Your Wolt Team 🤗

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