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May 3, 2022


Marketing Associate

Shopping time is here! Who wouldn't like this activity? 🛒 The new hoodie will make you happy, the cosmetics will make you shine, you will caress your soul with the book and the dog will have fun with the toy 🐕📚💐 It's clear to us that there are those who spend their time differently than going shopping 🤯 That's why online shopping has become so popular. But that's nothing new 🤭 We just want to remind you that even online shopping can be convenient, fast and worry-free! ✅ The classical everyday scenario looks like this 😫 You decide to buy something nice, but the carriers will usually deliver it to you within 2-3 days, only if the package doesn't get stuck. You pay 100 CZK for the transport and waiting. Sure, there are cheaper options, but it could cost you nerves and time, because you would need to stand in line at the post office. Wolt offers you a better experience 🚙 You choose a product, make an order, then you can chill for half an hour and voila, you have the order in your hands 🤗 Without long waiting, delivered to your apartment's door, and in case of any problem (from delivery through product quality) there is always customer support for you! Wolt is kind of a small mall that goes everywhere with you. It will save you, whether you need something right now or just thinking about a present for your closest ones. Our partner courier will deliver the order to you in a few minutes. What do Wolt offer? Food, cosmetics, flowers, pet supplies, various delicacies, board games, alcohol, books, clothes and a lot of more 🛍️ You didn't fin what you were looking for? We are constantly expanding the range of stores, so all you have to do is write to our customer support, who will pass on the information and we will make sure that you can shop from your favorite store next time via Wolt 💪

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Click to the world of retail 💙