The Pind

Exquisite dining experience.


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CZK 0.00


Tomato soup

Delicious soup made with ripe tomatoes, herbs and spices.

CZK 100.00

Palak & dal soup

Lentil and spinach soup flavoured with coriander and cumin seeds.

CZK 100.00

Murg Yakhni soup

Chicken broth soup with fresh coriander, indian herbs and spices.

CZK 100.00



2 pcs deep fried patties with potatoes, green peas and cashews nuts.

CZK 145.00

Onion Bhaji

4pcs deep fried onion, battered with gram flour.

CZK 130.00

Chilli mushrooms

Deep fried mushrooms sauted with chilli pepper.

CZK 145.00

Chilli paneer

Deep fried cottage cheese sauted with chilli pepper.

CZK 159.00

Mushroom karare

Battered fried mushrooms, stuffed with cheese and red pepper.

CZK 155.00

Chilli Gobi dry

Deep fried cauliflower sautéed with spring onion, garlic and soya sauce.

CZK 155.00

Plain papadum

2pcs crispy bread made of lentil flour, served with mango and mint sauce.

CZK 85.00

Masala papadum

2pcs crispy lentil flour bread with red onion, green chilli and coriander. Served with mango and mint sauce.

CZK 109.00

Aloo Bhonda

4pcs deep fried potatoes with indian spices battered with gram flour.

CZK 135.00


Chicken pakora

Deep fried crispy chicken coated with gram flour batter.

CZK 139.00

Chicken 65

Deep fried crispy chicken coated with gram flour batter and red chillies.

CZK 149.00

Chilli chicken dry

Deep fried spicy chicken, sautéed with pepper, onion and soy sauce.

CZK 159.00

Chilli prawns

4pcs Deep fried spicy prawns, sautéed with pepper, onion and soy sauce.

CZK 409.00

Tava tiger prawns

Tiger prawns cooked in a sizzling hot pan with soy sauce, chopped green chilli, coriander and lemon.

CZK 360.00

Chilli fish

Deep fried spicy fish sautéed with pepper, onion and soy sauce.

CZK 179.00


Kuchumber salát

Spicy salad with cucumber, tomato, red onion, coriander, chilli, lemon.

CZK 100.00

Green garden salad

CZK 100.00

Aloo chaat

Indian spicy potato salad.

CZK 100.00

Paneer tomato chaat

Paneer with fresh tomatoes, coriander and lemon.

CZK 129.00


Paneer pasanda

Pieces of homemade cottage cheese cooked in fresh tomato, cashew nuts, butter and cream.

CZK 209.00