Present only for you 🤩


September 19, 2022


Marketing Associate

You won't see the partner courier in blue, but you will see the discount piggy bank! 🐷 We decided to please you with a little attention 😍 All new registered users can use promo code JAHUDKA and get a discount on delivery for 14 days. 🚲 How does it work? 🤓 1. Activate promo code JAHUDKA 🍓 2. You will receive a 50 CZK discount on your next order. 3. After delivery, you will get other 50 CZK for next order. Credits are valid for 14 days. And if by any chance you were really hungry and you didn't get 50 CZK discount in credits, please contact our customer support. They will help to solve it to your satisfaction 😊 Enjoy and happy Wolting! 💙

Zadat promokód JAHUDKA