Food blogger Per Meurling recommends his favourite venues on Wolt


November 2, 2020

Per x Wolt

He describes himself as the “hungriest person in Berlin” and his Instagram channel @berlinfoodstories is probably the most influential food blog of the city. Per Meurling is always looking for the very best restaurants and of course he is a regular Wolt customer. Here he exclusively shares his recommendations for your next order. 🌭🍕🥙

A fancy pizza, and extravagant Döner or a healthy bowl - everything is represented in this list. Get inspired by the expert and try out one of his tips yourself! 😋

Have a look at Pers recommendations!👇


This “Canadian-Indian” kitchen on Kreuzberg’s Oranienstraße is all about funky, non-traditional Indian food creations and bold flavours. From the legendary, age-fermented Tandoori chicken to Grilled Cheese Naan’s and Mutton Seekh Pavwiches (Indian Sandwiches) - the food at Moksa is a full-on taste explosion and there is a fair chance you’ll love it.

Möllers Köttbullar

As a born Swede, I really only have one complaint about Möllers: My own Köttbullar are better. But for those days, when I can’t be bothered to roll my own meatballs, "Möllers Köttbullar” is a very solid alternative and the classical version with beef meatballs, gravy, mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickles is the definition of comfort food.

KWA - Kebab with Attitude

There is Döner Kebab and then there is Döner Kebab from K.W.A.. The trailblazing Kebap shop takes the iconic Berlin dish to the next level using quality meat and funky ingredients and is easily the best option on Wolt for an extravagant Döner night at home.

Chipi Chipi Bombón

Argentinian ice cream making at its finest and one of the reasons I go to Friedrichshain. On my list of the best Ice Cream in Berlin and a pint of their extraordinary Dulce de Leche or Fior de Latte gelato will make any night on your couch extraordinary.

Futura Neapolitan Pizza

Spectacular Neapolitan pizza baking using the finest, artisanal ingredients, most of them sourced directly from Italy. Personally jealous of all Friedrichshain inhabitants who can now order the best pizza in the whole district on Wolt.

smartdeli - sushi & more

A hidden Mitte gem and easily one of the best Japanese restaurants in Berlin with superb, down-to earth cooking. Legendary dishes include their Una Don and their Chirashi Sushi bowl but also their regular sushi competes for the very best in the city.

Estelle Dining

This family-run modern restaurant allows you to order superb pizza along with their crispy fresh salads. Their unique, hybrid NYC-Neapolitan pizza style is a welcome variation to any other pizza you can order and their excellent selection of natural wine is an extra bonus.


The Berlin champions of healthy and tasty food and, since many years, my go-to place for a meal to balance my exorbitant food lifestyle. Whenever I need to get stuff done in the office, a lunch bowl from Beets & Roots is a true life hack to maximise productivity and feel fantastic.