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March 31, 2023

Dein Wolt Team 💙

When is Wolt open? What are Wolt credits? What does a delivery actually cost? The questions can be many and here we answer some of the most common! 💙

Wolt is a Finnish technology company founded in 2014 with its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. We are already operating in more than 23 countries, delivering delicious food and all kinds of great products. 😋 We simply love to discover good food and more. That's why all of our restaurants and shops on Wolt are carefully selected to give you the greatest and most varied choice possible. It's important to us that you have an overall positive experience when you use Wolt and our award-winning app. Below, we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to help you become a true Wolt expert! ⭐ 💬 What are Wolt’s opening hours? Using our own Wolt couriers, we deliver orders from most restaurants and shops at the following times: Monday to Sunday and on public holidays from 11:00 to 22:00. Some restaurants also offer earlier or later takeaway food orders. Opening hours may also vary from restaurant to restaurant. You can check the opening hours by clicking on "More info" on the restaurant page in the app! If you want to schedule a delivery, you can also place orders up to a week in advance! 🥡 By the way: There are some restaurants and shops on Wolt that use their own staff for deliveries. These venues tend to be open outside our regular opening hours. You can find the opening hours for these restaurants in the section "More info" as well. 💬 What’s the delivery fee? The price for a delivery carried out by our own Wolt couriers starts at €1.79, but varies depending on how far we have to travel to deliver your order. 🚴 These are our delivery fees: 0 - 0.99 km = €1.79 1 - 1.49 km = €1.99 1.5 - 1.79 km = €2.59 1.8 - 2.29 km = €2.99 2.3 - 2.79 km = €3.59 2.8 – 4 km = €3.99 For restaurants and shops that use their own staff to deliver orders, prices may vary. We reserve the right to change the pricing structure of our delivery fees without notice. 💬Will Wolt deliver my order to my door? Your order will always be delivered to your door, unless you choose otherwise. You can track your order via the app. If you have selected 'Contactless delivery', you will be notified via the app once your order has been delivered to your doorstep. 💬 How can I tip the courier? When you place your order, you can select "Tip the courier" under "Payment". Here, you can choose the amount you want to tip. Select one of our suggestions or type in any amount you want (between €0.50 and €100). Your tip will be paid out to the courier with their salary. Wolt does not deduct anything from the tip. If you change your mind, please contact our customer support to change or remove your tip. 💬 Which payment methods can I use? Currently, you can use your credit card, debit card, Klarna, PayPal, Google Pay (Android) or Apple Pay (iOS). We are currently working on integrating additional payment methods. 💬How can I update my delivery address? It is important that the address and instructions you have left for the courier are correct and up to date. These details will ensure that your order is delivered to the right place. You can enter more than one address in your profile. Below, we show you how to change or update your addresses: - Go to your profile - In your settings, click on “My Addresses” - Add a new address or select an existing one - Add clear instructions or any other relevant information in the field “Delivery Instructions” - Click on “Done” 💬 What is the minimum order value? The minimum order value is usually €10. Of course, you can also place an order for less than the minimum order value, but then you may have to pay the difference. Therefore, we recommend that you simply add something else to your order to reach the minimum order value. 💙 For restaurants and shops that use their own staff for deliveries, the minimum order value may vary. 💬 How do I use a gift or promotional code? Codes can be activated in three ways. 💰 - Go to the bottom of the "Discovery" page and click on "Redeem Code". - Right at the checkout of your order, under "Wolt promo code". - Click on the "Profile" icon and select "Enter promo code". Then all you have to do is enter the code and click on "Redeem". 💬 What is a referral code? A referral code is your personal code that you can share with friends to invite them to Wolt. With the code, you can both earn credits that you can redeem at Wolt. To do this, go to your profile and select "Earn Wolt credits". This is where you can see your referral code and share it with friends. Your friend will receive €5 credit that they can use for their first three orders. Once your friend has placed their first three orders, your account will automatically be credited with 3 x €5 credits that you can use to order food. The more friends you invite, the more credits you can earn! 💪 💬 What is a token? A token has the same value as a standard delivery fee, namely €1.99. You can use tokens to pay for an entire delivery or part of it! 🤗 💬 Does Wolt also deliver to a park or a place without an exact address? Yes, we do. All you have to do is follow these steps: 1. Choose a delicious dish, go through the payment process and select "Wolt delivery". 2. Click on "Select delivery address" and then go to "Select other address" from the scroll-down menu 3. Click on "Add new address" and then on "Use the map instead". 4. Drag the pin on the map to the place where you want to receive your order. Please make sure you dispose of your leftover food and packaging in the bins provided on site. Thank you for minding the environment! 🌱 💬 Can I get my food order in sustainable, reusable packaging? Yes, many restaurants provide this option. We work with VYTAL and REBOWL, who offer high-quality reusable containers made from BPA-free materials. If one of these reusable containers is available at the restaurant you have chosen, you can select this during the ordering process. Please note that VYTAL and REBOWL are not available at every restaurant. However, we are currently working on making these options available nationwide soon. 💬Do you offset the CO2 emissions of my order? Yes! Wolt voluntarily offsets 100% of all CO2 emissions caused by our deliveries. 🍃 This includes future, present, and past deliveries, dating back to 2015. For you as a customer, this is free. Wolt covers the costs. Together with our partner South Pole, which is an industry leader in climate action, we have calculated all carbon emissions created during the deliveries ordered on Wolt. We offset them by supporting recognized and certified climate protection projects. Find out more about the projects we support here: That's it! Lots of questions and lots of answers. If you still have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with our support team. We are always there for you. 🥰 Your Wolt team 💙