DaiDoo A Taste of Asia

Come and get a taste of Southeast Asia!


Buddha's Sin

Possibility to choose: Tofu menu for 2 people, vegetarian mini rolls, one portion of boiled rice, one portion of flat rice noodles, chop suey sauce and kung bao sauce, prepared with exotic vegetables, cashew nuts and peanuts


the 36 chambers of Shaolin

menu for 3 people with base and 2 sauces of your choice, plus crispy duck, chicken, beef with onions and baked banana


Kiss of the Phoenix

menu for 2 people with baked chicken, crispy duck, boiled rice, Szechuan sauce, red Thai curry, fried vegetables, chili peppers, wasabi peanuts, samba olek, kimchi as a side dish



1. Mini Spring Rolls

6 pieces with vegetables and sweet chili dip



2. Yakitori

2 pieces japanese chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce


3. Vietnamese Spring Rolls

3 pieces fried dumplings filled with chicken and vegetables, with lime fish sauce


4. Sate

grilled meat skewers with peanut dip and an ingredient of your choice


5. Wontons

6 pieces fried dumplings filled with chicken and vegetables


6. Gyoza

4 pieces fried dumplings filled with chicken and vegetables, with sweet chilli dip



7. Crispy Shrimp

2 pieces breaded tiger prawns


8. Summer Rolls

2 pieces summer rolls filled with rice noodles, herb salad and cucumber, served with hoisin sauce or lime fish sauce and an ingredient of your choice


9. Mixed Starters

with various small appetizers from our starter menu: gyoza, yakitori, crispy shrimp and wonton


10. Wakame Salad

pickled seaweed salad with sesame


11. Kimchi

spicy pickled chinese cabbage


12. Edamame

with steamed soybeans with sea salt


12a. Vietnamese Popcorn


12b. Crab Chips


12c. Fried Onion Bag

1 piece sushi rice coated with roasted onions


18. Vegan Salad

with radish, avocado, rocket, roasted peanuts, sesame, crispy rice paper and sweet chili



13. Miso Soup

with tofu, seaweed, rice and leek


14. Spicy Peking Soup

with many types of vegetables


15. Wonton Soup

with chicken


16. Salmon Miso Soup

with salmon, seaweed, rice and leek


17. Tom Yom Soup

with tomyom curry in coconut milk with various vegetables and an ingredient of your choice



all dishes are served with an ingredient of your choice

26. Pho Noodle Soup

vietnamese soup with flat rice noodles in a rich broth, refined with spring onions and basil


27. Miso Ramen

ramen noodles in miso broth with spring onions


28. Egg Noodles

fried egg noodles with vegetables


29. Fried flat rice noodles


30. Udon Noodles

fried udon noodles




all dishes are served with ingredients of your choice

31. Chop Suey

homemade dark sauce with fried vegetables, garlic, fragrant rice and sesame


32. Sichuan Art

spicy homemade spicy sauce with fried vegetables, fragrant rice and sesame



34. Sweet and Sour Sauce

with fried vegetables, pineapple and fragrant rice vegetables