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01. Wakame Salad

seaweed salad with sesame


02. Gomaae

spinach with sesame dressing


03. Ebi Fry

with fried shrimps


04. Gyoza with Pork

with fried dumplings filled with pork and vegetables


05. Tori Kara

with crispy chicken and sweet chili sauce


06. Baked Vegetable Tempura with Dip


07. Gyoza with Chicken

with fried dumplings filled with chicken & vegetables


09. Edamame

with young green soybeans, cooked and salted



11. Grilled Salmon Fillet Teriyaki

with wok vegetables and rice


12. Dakgang Jeong

spicy with crispy chicken, peanuts, sesame seeds and rice, tossed in garlic sauce


13. Tonkatsu

with crispy pork cutlet, white cabbage, sesame dressing and rice


14. Crispy Duck

with roasted vegetables and rice



Yaki Soba

with homemade fried egg noodles and vegetables


Yaki Udon

with vegetables and fried udon noodles


36. Yaki Udon with Garlic Chili Sauce

with shrimps, vegetables, sweet garlic chili sauce and fried udon noodles



42. Ebi Shoyu Ramen

noodle soup with vegetables, shrimp, lava egg and narutomaki


43. Chashu Miso

noodle soup made from soybean paste and sesame with chashu and vegetables


44. Tokusei Torimiso

noodle soup from soybean paste with fried chicken and vegetables


45. Tantan

noodle soup made from miso sesame paste with vegetables, Chashu and fried minced pork (refined with chili oil)


46. Chashu Shoyu Gyoza

noodle soup with fried gyoza dumplings and vegetables


47. Chicken Teriyaki Ramen

noodle soup with grilled chicken teriyaki and vegetables


48. Tokio Ramen

noodle soup with braised pork belly, lava egg, narutomaki and vegetables


49. BBQ Pork Ramen

with marinated pork and vegetables


50. Yasai Miso

vegetarian with fried vegetables, tofu and sesame seeds



51. Chashu Shoyu Udon

noodle soup with chashu, soy sauce based vegetables and udon noodles


52. Chicken Teriyaki Udon

noodle soup with grilled chicken teriyaki, vegetables and udon noodles


53. Tokio Udon

noodle soup with braised pork belly, lava egg, narutomaki, vegetables, and udon noodles.


54. BBQ Pork Udon

noodle soup with marinated pork, vegetables and udon noodles


55. Tempura Udon

vegetarian noodle soup with baked vegetable tempura and udon noodles


Authentic dishes like ramen, udon, noodles and much more you can get here at . Start your culinary journey now! Seller: Company: Wolt Enterprises Deutschland GmbH, Address: Stralauer Allee 6, 10245 Berlin, Representative: Aksana Lukyanenka-Sarac, Trade register number: HRB 217122 B, Register court: Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, E-Mail:

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