California Kitchen Nørrebro

    California Kitchen Nørrebro

    Sund livsstilsrestaurant·

    California Kitchen er en livsstilrestaurant midt i København, som i sin smagsretning, indretning og imødekommenhed giver en unik og let genkendelig oplevelse af at være i Californien. California Kitchen is a fast-casual healthy lifestyle restaurant based in Copenhagen, that provides a unique and distinguishable California experience by way of taste, hospitality and design.

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    Average delivery time
    20–40 min

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    If you want to order takeaway or eat on the premises, the average preparation time is 10–30 minutes.


    Open today: 11.30–20.45
    Delivery today: 11.30–20.45
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    Nørrebrogade 12
    Venue is closed. Ordering not possible.