Raw food når det er bedst·

    simpleRAW laver vegansk raw food såsom poke bowls, veganske burgere, raw-kager, juices, shots, shakes or smoothies. Alt laves uden farvestoffer, tilsætningsstoffer, mejeriprodukter, sukker, gær, gluten eller konserveringsmidler simpleRAW offers vegan and raw food such as poke bowls, vegan burger, raw-cakes, juices, shots, shakes and smoothies. Everything is prepared without using colorings, additives, dairy products, sugar, yeast, gluten-containing products or preservatives.

    Time estimate

    Average delivery time
    30–40 min

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    If you want to order takeaway or eat on the premises, the average preparation time is 15–25 minutes.


    Open today: 11.00–21.00
    Delivery today: 11.00–21.00
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