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Now you can tip the courier after delivery on Wolt


December 4, 2023



Reward the good service!

For a while now, it has been possible to tip your courier during checkout to show your appreciation, but many of our customers have requested the option to add a tip after receiving their order. Adding this feature was easier said than done, but we’ve worked hard and finally made post-delivery tipping a reality! You can add a tip when reviewing your order. You can also go back later and add a tip up to 24 hours after ordering: go to your order history in your profile, select the order you want to add a tip for, press “Rate the order” and finally “Add tip”. Just like tips given at checkout, the tips added later go directly to the courier partner. Tipping is only available on orders delivered by a Wolt courier partner (as opposed to the restaurant or store’s own staff). For now, post-delivery tipping is only possible on orders paid by card. We’re working on enabling post-delivery tipping for other payment methods soon, so stay tuned! A tip once given cannot be changed afterwardsn 💙