Delivery fee 1.90-3.90€

How much will I pay for delivery?

August 17, 2020

Today, when every minute matters, ordering food could really be a blessing, but it shouldn’t cost crazy amounts, right?

Wolt delivery fee is as low as 1.9€ for 1km. Every additional 500m is extra 0.5€. The closer you order, the less you have to pay for the transportation cost. And the food will get to you quicker also. ;) In order to make sure that food reaches you always warm, we are delivering only from restaurants that are within 5 km distance. This also means that the delivery cost can't exceed 5.40€. Minimum basket size is 7€. Should you order something that costs less, an extra charge is added to your basket. You will always see a full overview of your basket before checkout, along with how much you pay for food and delivery.