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    Põnevad road Jaapani köögist· $ $ $ $

    Toome teieni põnevaid roogasid jaapani köögist, mille võlu on nende lihtsuses – Sushimoni menüüs on muidugi sushi, aga ka tempura, udon nuudlid, karri riis, gyōza pelmeenid jpm – kõik väga lihtne, maitsev ja värske. We bring you interesting dishes from the Japanese kitchen, where the beauty lies in the simplicity - Sushimon offers sushis, tempuras, udon noodles, curry rice, gyoza dumplings and much more - simple, delicious and fresh.

    Time estimate

    Average delivery time
    40–60 min

    To see more accurate time estimate,  please add your address

    If you want to order takeaway or eat on the premises, the average preparing time is 25–45 minutes.


    Open today: 11.30 - 21.00
    Delivery today:11.30 - 21.00
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