Huuva Niittari

Green Hippo, Brokadi, Cours & Boneless - all brought to you in a single order!


Helsinki's best burgers - Helsingin Uutiset reader vote 2023 🏆 Boneless offers Finland's tastiest fried chicken and Smash burgers! 🐔🍔 Boneless is one of the first restaurants in Finland to prepare hamburger patties using the smash technique. The steak is pressed with force against the griddle, which gives the steak plenty of flavor and crunch. Origin of beef: Finland Chicken origin: EU

Green Hippo

Healthy, Satisfying, and Beautiful food❤️ At Green Hippo healthy food derives from high-quality ingredients and the good feeling it creates. If your group has different dietary preferences, we got you covered! Origin of chicken: Finland


Authentic Sichuan cuisine 🇨🇳 Experienced Sichuan chefs prepare authentic Sichuan region - Chinese flavors, in Huuva's kitchen. The restaurant was founded with the idea that the food would taste the same as at the home of the founding couple in Chengdu. Chili, garlic, and the unique taste of Sichuan pepper are at the heart of this cuisine. Origin of chicken: Finland/Europe

Cours 🥗

Are you in the mood for a fresh and nutritious salad? Choose from our popular salads or assemble your own from our high-quality ingredients. Treat yourself to a colorful and delicious salad, whether you're on the go or looking for a healthy lunch option." Meat country of origin: EU

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Green Hippo, Brokadi, Cours & Boneless - all brought to you in a single order!


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