Order together

Ordering together is now way easier!


July 3, 2020


Ordering together is way easier! Have your partner, friend, kid or coworker join your order but from their own phone. So easy. And the best part? You get it all delivered at once. Plus you only pay for one delivery.

We obviously do not encourage large gatherings, but during these times even with a few people, it’s safer when we don’t pass our phones around. Plus, if friends don’t have Wolt installed, they can join from any desktop or phone browser. As the corona situation might not yet allow larger gatherings, please keep safety first. Find more detailed instructions for ordering together by scrolling down!

Here’s how it works:

Pick a restaurant

Group orders need to be from one restaurant.

Select “Order together” at the top of the view

You will become the host of the group. The order is charged from the group’s host’s payment method.

Invite friends

You can invite friends to your order by sharing the link via WhatsApp, email, FB Messenger, Snap, Slack, SMS or other…

Choose what you want to order

Also wait for your friends to do the same :)

Send the order

Once everyone’s ready, review and send!