Better Japanese Food Kamppi

Parempaa japanilaista ruokaa läheltä


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Better Miso soup

Tofu, seaweed, spring onion


Better Gyoza 5 pcs

Pork filled dumpling, served with soy vinegar dipping sauce


Better Agadashi tofu

Deep fried fresh tofu served with tentsuyu sauce,fresh grated ginger,radish and spring onion


Better Edamame

Soy beans with salt


Better Tartar

Fresh tuna (or salmon) and avocado served on a bed of seaweed with shiso soy dressing


Main menu

Lihojen alkuperämaat: EU maat.

Better Sake Bento

Gyoza (3PCS) Salmon teriyaki, salmon sashimi, hoso maki, salad, rice



Better Oyakodon

Chicken, onion, egg, sweet donburi sauce and rice, miso soup



Better Katsudon

Deep fried crispy pork, onion and egg, sweet donburi sauce,served over steamed rice, miso soup



Better Tonkatsu

Deep fried crispy pork cutlet, rice, miso soup



Better Sake no teriyaki

Seared salmon with teriyaki sauce, rice, miso soup


Better Gyudon

Beef, onion, cooked with donburi sauce, rice, miso soup




Better California

Snow crab, surimi, avocado, tobiko


Better Dynamite

Ebi Furai, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, spicy mayo


Better Sushi Moriawase 50 pcs

6 salmon nigiri, 4 prawn nigiri, 2 tuna nigiri, 6 Rainbow maki, 6 Spicy Tuna maki, 6 Cambell (smoke salmon) maki, 6 Avocado hoso maki, 6 Salmon Hoso maki, 4 salmon sashimi, 4 tuna sashimi


Better Sake nigiri combo 10 pcs

5 salmon nigiri, 5 hiburi(seared) salmon nigiri



Coca-Cola 0,25l


Coca-Cola Zero 0,25l


Fanta 0,25l


Sprite 0,25l


Parempaa japanilaista ruokaa läheltä


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Monday11:00–14:30, 17:00–21:00
Tuesday11:00–14:30, 17:00–21:00
Wednesday11:00–14:30, 17:00–21:00