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Why choose only one dish when you can have a perfect combo!

Lunch/dinner combo

Choose a bowl or the burger (+ 3 €) 🍔 and get a Blueberry Crumble 🍰 and a drink 🥤 to create a fancy lunch or dinner 🤩


Breakfast Combo!

Combo with avocado toast, banana pancakes and a smoothie. Make your morning extra yummy 😋


Not available

Pancake Combo!

The famous Green Hippo banana pancakes with Nutella and berries! Available as vegan on request (maple syrup instead of Nutella). Gluten-free. Paired together with a really yummy smoothie. Kuuluisat banaanipannarit Nutellalla ja marjoilla! Saatavilla vegaanisena (vaaherasiirappi Nutellan sijaan). Gluteenittomat. Kaverina herkullinen smoothie.


Not available

Everyday Brunch with Avocadotoast

Avocadotoast, Chia Porridge with Berries and Granola, Smoothie


Everyday Brunch with Pancakes

Banana Pancakes with Nutella, Chia Porridge with Berries and Granola, Smoothie


Not available


Please mention in the order if you need cutleries 🍴
Origin of Chicken - Finland

Avocado pasta – The Nothing New

Avocado paste, chili, garlic, basil oil, parmesan. Available as vegan on request. Avokado, chili, valkosipuli, basilikaöljy, parmesaani. Pyydettäessä saatavana vegaanisena.


Chicken bowl – Don't Chicken Out

Black rice, marinated chicken, broccoli, red cabbage peanut butter sauce. Gluten-free. Musta riisi, marinoitu kana, parsakaali, punakaali, maapähkinävoikastike. Gluteeniton.


Tofu Bowl - Don't Tofu Out

Marinated Jalotofu, red cabbage, black Rice, broccoli, peanut butter sauce. Vegan and gluten-free. Marinoitu Jalotofu, musta riisi, parsakaali, punakaali maapähkinävoikastike. Vegaaninen ja gluteeniton.


Wasabi Kale - The Trendsetter

Black Rice, Marinated Chicken / Jalotofu, Red Cabbage, Kale, Wasabi-Mayo, Ponzu, Sugar Peas, Sesame seeds, Sprouts, (V*, N)


Kale bowl – Jamie Bowlier

Kale, halloumi, quinoa, poached egg, tomatoes, almonds, youghurt sauce. Gluten-free. Lehtikaali, kvinoa, tomaatti, halloumi, uppomuna, manteli, jogurttikastike. Gluteeniton.


Noodle salad – Go Nuts!

Glass noodles, carrots, avocado, red cabbage, broccoli, peanut butter sauce. Vegan and gluten-free. Cold dish. Lasinuudeli, porkkana, avokado, punakaali, parsakaali, maapähkinävoikastike. Vegaaninen ja gluteeniton. Kylmä annos.


Kale & Tofu Salad - Epic Kale

Kale and spinach base, lime-mayo, Jalotofu, avocado, almonds, parmesan, chili flakes. Available as vegan on request. Gluten-free. Lehtikaali-pinaatti pohja, limemajoneesi, Jalotofu, avokado, manteli, parmesaani, chilihiutaleet. Saatavilla vegaanisena pyynnöstä. Gluteeniton.


Buddha Bowl - Ready, Steady, Zen!

Qvinoa, sweet potato, cauliflower puree, beetroot hummus, avocado, carrots, red cabbage, pomegranate, soy bean, coriander. Vegan and gluten-free. Cold dish. Kvinoa, bataatti, kukkakaalipyree, punajuurihummus, avokado, porkkana, punakaali, granaattiomena, soijapapu, korianteri. Vegaaninen ja gluteeniton. Kylmä annos.


The Green Hippo Burger

Beyond Meat ™, aioli, chili mayo, rucola, cheddar, roasted tomato, onion. Served with Roasted Potatoes and bravas sauce. Vegetarian. Available as vegan and gluten-free on request. Beyond Meat ™, aioli, rucola, cheddar, paahdettu tomaatti, sipuli, shrirachamajoneesi. Tarjoillaan perunoiden ja bravas kastikkeiden kera. Kasvishampurilainene. Pyydettäessä saatavana vegaanisena ja gluteenittomana.


Burrata - Say Cheese

Burrata, burned butter and citrus vinaigrette, spinach & basil. Gluten-free. Burrata, ruskistettu voi ja sitruuna vinaigrette, pinaatti ja basilika. Gluteention.


Avocado toast

Avocado paste, pomegranate, white balsamic vinegar and pea sprouts. Vegan, available as gluten free on request. Avokadotahna, granaattiomena, vaalea balsamico ja versoja. Vegaaninen, saatavilla gluteenittomana.


Beetroot hummus toast - The Toastmaster

Beetroot hummus, pomegranate, white balsamic vinegar, soybean, pea sprouts. Vegan, available as gluten free on request. Punajuurihummus, vaalea balsamico, granaattiomena, soijapapuja ja versoja. Vegaaninen, saatavilla gluteenittomana.


Hilbert's Special toast

A combination of our famous avocado toast and the new beetroot hummus toast (V, N)


Blueberry Crumble (V, G)

Served with Berries and Vanilla Sauce. Vegan and gluten-free. Tarjoillaan marjojen ja vaniljakastikkeen kanssa. Vegaaninen ja gluteeniton.


Chia Porridge with Berries and Granola V, G

Vanilla chia porridge, berries and home-made granola. (Vegan) Vanilja-chiapuuro, marjojen ja kotitekoisen granolan kanssa. Vegaaninen.



Berry Smoothie

Marjasmoothie - mansikka, mustaherukka, mango, kaurajugurtti, appelsiinimehu. Berry smoothie - strawberry, black currant, mango, oat yoghurt, orange juice. (G, V)


Green Smoothie

Appelsiinimehu, kaurajuoma, lehtikaali, pinaatti, mango. Orange juice, oat drink, kale, spinach, mango. (G, V)


Hartwall Vichy 0,33l



Coca-Cola 0,33l



Coca-Cola Zero 0,33l



Brabe Kombucha 0,25l Inkivääri



Heineken 0,0% 0,33l

Alcohol Free Lager Beer, 12,12€/l

€4.00(330 ml, €12.12/l)

Green Hippo Café serves healthy, price worthy and beautiful food and is very vegan friendly as well.


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00120 Helsinki

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