Huuva Myllypuro

Chicken Joint, Green Hippo, Bites Smash, and Cafe Bar 9 - all brought to you in a single order!

Bites Smash

Handmade here 🍔 Honest burgers. Nothing extra. Made with juicy 2 x 70 gram smashed beef patties from our own grind, a slice of mature Somerset Cheddar and our original Bites bun. Origin of all our meat: Finland

Cafe Bar9

Uudenmaankatu's classic since 1996. Our menu features a variety of delicious pasta dishes, including the beloved Pollo Limonello, which has gained a cult reputation among locals. All pasta dishes are made to order and paired with the perfect sauce to create a Punavuori experience in a class by itself. Salmon country of origin: Norway Country of origin of the chicken: Poland Country of origin of the pork: Netherlands, Finland, Spain

Green Hippo

Healthy, Satisfying, and Beautiful food❤️ At Green Hippo healthy food derives from high-quality ingredients and the good feeling it creates. If your group has different dietary preferences, we got you covered! Origin of chicken: Finland

Chicken Joint

For the love of chicken🐔 Chicken Joint is the ultimate destination for crispy, juicy, and delicious fried chicken. The chicken tempura is fried to a golden crisp, ensuring a satisfying crunch in every bite. Choose from Chicken Joint’s signature Gochujang, honey or Teriyaki glazes and pair your favorite dish with a side of crispy french fries or steamed rice. For those who can't get enough of our delicious chicken, extra pieces are always available as an add-on. Come and satisfy your cravings at Chicken Joint! Origin of chicken: Finland

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Chicken Joint, Green Hippo, Bites Smash, and Cafe Bar 9 - all brought to you in a single order!


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