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Seksico®, Green Hippo, Boneless & Cafe Bar 9 - kaikki yhdellä kuljetuksella!


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Helsinki's best burgers - Helsingin Uutiset reader vote 2023 🏆

Boneless offers Finland's tastiest fried chicken and Smash burgers! 🐔🍔
Boneless is one of the first restaurants in Finland to prepare hamburger patties using the smash technique. The patty is pressed with force against the griddle, which gives the patty plenty of flavor and crunch.

Origin of beef: Finland
Chicken origin: EU

Seksico® Tacos


Seksico® Tacos - directly from the heart of Punavuori, Viiskulma. Seksico, known for its tacos, brings a menu to Huuva that is guaranteed to get the entire Huuva people aroused!
Seksico's tacos are made with respect for authentic street food. The tacos are soft and 13 cm wide. We recommend 3-4 tacos per person.

The porks country of origin: Finland
Country of origin of the chicken: Finland
Country of origin of the fish: Sweden

Green Hippo

Healthy, Satisfying, and Beautiful food❤️

At Green Hippo healthy food derives from high-quality ingredients and the good feeling it creates. If your group has different dietary preferences, we got you covered!

Origin of chicken: Finland

Cafe Bar9

Uudenmaankatu's classic since 1996.

Our menu features a variety of delicious pasta dishes, including the beloved Pollo Limonello, which has gained a cult reputation among locals. All pasta dishes are made to order and paired with the perfect sauce to create a Punavuori experience in a class by itself. This restaurant is brought close to you in collaboration with Huuva 💛.

Salmon country of origin: Norway
Country of origin of the chicken: Poland
Country of origin of the pork: Netherlands, Finland, Spain

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Seksico®, Green Hippo, Boneless & Cafe Bar 9 - kaikki yhdellä kuljetuksella!


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