Eat well. Do good.


May 13, 2022



Enjoy great food and donate a hobby to a child in need.

The annual springtime hockey fever is rising again, so now is the perfect time to get the jersey out of the closet and put on blue and white tinted glasses for two exciting weeks. You’ll now find offers on Wolt’s front page, designed to keep your hunger away during the games. By making a pre-order you can make sure your game snacks arrive exactly at the right time before the puck hits the ice. You can choose your preferred delivery time when making the order. 🏒 The opportunity to play sports is extremely important to many of us, and especially to children. Therefore, during the games, you’ll now be able to help provide a hobby to children and youth aged 6-17 years old either directly via the link below or while making orders from venues marked with a “Lahjoita” stamp. All donations are directed in full to Hope ry, who will use the funds to make it possible for children to begin a new hobby or to continue their existing hobby in a situation where continuation would otherwise not be possible. According to children’s wishes, roughly 90% of the aid is used on sports and the remaining on other hobbies, such as music and culture. Enjoy the games! 💙