Wolt as a delivery method on Telia.fi


May 25, 2023



Get your Telia.fi order delivered to your doorstep in just one hour!

What if you could get a new phone or headphones delivered to your doorstep in an hour? Now you can order everything from smartphones to laptops and chargers with Wolt's fast delivery from Telia.fi! The fast delivery from Telia Store shipping option is visible on Telia.fi website when your order is of suitable size and weight for transportation, and the delivery address is within Wolt's delivery area. Once your order has been processed by Telia, you will receive a tracking link that provides an estimated delivery time for your package. Deliveries are available only through Telia.fi within approximately a 7.5 km radius from the stores. Placing an order is easy and does not require logging into a Wolt account. The opening hours for express delivery vary by city. Place your order from Telia.fi, select fast delivery from Telia Store as the shipping method, and receive your products quickly and effortlessly at your doorstep within an hour! 💜

Order now and enjoy the fast deliveries