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Maukkaat aasialaiset maut kotiin!

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Riisiruokia - Rice dishes

‘Slow-and-Low’: slow cooking preserves nutrients that can be lost when food is cooked rapidly at high heat. At low-and-even heat cooking for a period of time, food retains moisture, tender and flavourful. This method is also an easy way to deliver hearty meals. Slow-cooked vegan meals are also available.

Nuudelikeitot ja keitot

Soups are served with noodles or bread, you choose.


Aasialaiset dumplingsit

Koko perheen ateriapakkaus



We take vibrant Asian flavours, recipes and combine them with the purity of the Nordic nature and bring them all up into delicious tasting and healthy meals.

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Kiljavantie 3

05200 Rajamäki

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