Earn up to 12 € in Wolt credits


April 16, 2021


Recommend Wolt to a friend – you can both earn credits!

Do you know someone who hasn’t tried out Wolt yet? Now you can earn up to 12 euros in Wolt credits for both you and your friend by sharing your personal discount code! 💰

How does it work?

Go to "Profile"

Click "Profile" in the bottom right corner of the app.

Click "Earn Wolt credits"

You can find your own personal code on your Wolt-profile.

Share your code

You can share your code as much as you like – as a message or on social media!

12 € for a friend

When your friend registers to Wolt by using your code, they get 3 x 4 € in Wolt credits to be used for their first three delivery orders (4 € / order). Your friend will receive their first 4 € in credits when they register to Wolt with your code. When they place their first delivery order, they get the next 4 € in credits and after their second order they receive the last 4 € to be used on their third delivery order.

12 € for you

You earn 4 € in Wolt credits for the first three delivery orders placed by a new person who registers on Wolt with your code. You’ll get the first 4 € in credits when the person you’ve invited places their first delivery order and the next 4 € after their second delivery order. The third batch of credits will appear on your account after your friend has made their third delivery order. You can get up to 12 € in Wolt credits for each friend who registers on Wolt and you can share your code as much as you like!