We continue our safety measures to make Wolt as safe as possible.

Let’s continue to keep each other safe


October 21, 2021


We’re constantly monitoring the Covid-19 situation and are prepared to take more action to make sure you and everyone else can stay safe.

As a kind reminder, here are a few things that you can do: No-contact delivery: To minimize human contact, our courier partners continue to leave your order at your door. If possible, please add a detailed note for them about where exactly to leave the order (door entry code, which entrance to use etc.). Also, please track the order in the app so you know when your order has arrived. Wash your hands after you pick up your delivery. Remember 30 seconds of running hot water and plenty of soap. We’ve recommended the following steps for our partners: Separate pick-up points in restaurants: We’ve asked our restaurant partners to offer separate pick-up areas in restaurants where couriers can easily pick up orders. Courier partners spend only a few minutes in a restaurant while picking up an order. Mask and gloves: We’ve recommended that all courier partners would wear masks in public places, according to the instructions from Finland’s Institute of Health and Welfare (THL). We’ve also distributed masks and hand sanitizers to make sure everyone would have access to these. Our restaurant partners have been asked to wear a mask and gloves while handling orders. Hand hygiene: We’ve asked all our partners to pay extra attention to hand hygiene. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have anything on your mind. We’ll get through this together. Stay safe 💙