Metro Crepe Station

Delicious crepes and sandwiches!

Wolt Specials

1 Classic Club + 1 Chocolate Biscuit Crepe

1 Classic Club with gouda cheese, ham, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise. Accompanied by french fries + 1 Chocolate Biscuit Crepe



Caesar's Salad

Salad with freshly cut lettuce, grilled chicken fillet, parmesan, corn, croutons and dressing


Metro Chef Salad

Salad with freshly chopped tomato, cucumber, lettuce, chopped gouda, ham, boiled egg and ketchup sauce


Μaster Salad

Salad with chicken boiled in fresh freshly cut lettuce, grated feta cheese, roasted Florina pepper and dressing


Seafood Salad

With lettuce, tuna, corn and mayonnaise



French Fries


French Fries Country


Chicken Pane Portion

15 whole chicken nuggets. Accompanied by fried potatoes bathed in parmesan cheese and sauce of your choice