A few words about us! 🥳


April 19, 2023


part of the welcome squad 💙

Some interesting facts about us so we become better acquainted.

Wolt is a company from Finland that was founded in 2014, its headquarters are in Helsinki and has travelled to Serres. 💪 🍜 Best food in town We are food lovers and we only choose restaurants we’d recommend to our friends so we can be sure you’ll experience the best flavours in town. 💻 Customer support It’s really important to us that your Wolt experience is impeccable on every level. Our amazing customer support team speaks Greek and English and replies in seconds! ⏰ Our opening and closing hours Our opening-closing hours are depending on each restaurant’s hours. You can also place a pre-order for later on in the day or even another day completely. 💳 Card payments Payments are done by card with the utmost safety. If you have any questions about Wolt (or you just want to say hi!) we’ll be happy to talk to you. On the page ‘’Profile’’, press ‘’Customer support’’ and you’ll be directed to a live chat. Choose. Order. Enjoy. 💙