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Ordering together is now way easier!


April 2, 2021

The Wolt Team

The new Order together feature makes it so easy to order with friends. Just choose “Order together” once you’ve chosen a restaurant, and share the generated link with your significant other, friend, kid or coworker. You can then all easily choose what you want to eat, each from their own phone. And the best part? You get it all delivered at once. Plus you only pay for one delivery! 🍱🍔🍝🌮 We obviously do not encourage large gatherings, but during these times even with a few people, it’s safer when we don’t pass our phones around. Plus, if friends don’t have Wolt installed, they can join from any desktop or phone browser! 💻 Ordering together is great for: 💙 Date night 💙 Team lunch at work 💙 Netflix with your roommate 💙 A picnic with friends 💙 Dinner with the kids 💙 Backyard get together 💙 And so on! You tell us! ☺️ Actually, you can tell us what group order is good for: Post a photo tagging @wolt.hungary and #wolt-order-together on instagram, and show us your order! 📸 we cannot wait to see the many creative ways that the order together function is good for!🤩 Questions and Answers: 🍔How exactly does it work? Great that you ask! ☺️ It looks like a lot of steps, but once you just try it, it’s super simple. 🤔Pick a restaurant 📲Select “Order together” at the top of the view 👫Invite friends to your order by sharing the link via Viber, WhatsApp, email, FB Messenger, Snap, Slack, SMS or other… 🍣Choose what you want and wait for your friends to do the same 🍤Once everyone’s ready, review and send! 🍴Then all you need to do is wait for the food to be delivered (all in one!) and ENJOY 💙 🍔Can we split payments when ordering together? Splitting the payment is in the plans, but we are unfortunately not there yet! Currently, the order is charged from the group’s host’s payment method. 🍔Can we order from multiple restaurants in one order? Group orders need to be from one restaurant, but if there’s many of you, you can do multiple group orders! 🤩 🍔Do we have to be physically in the same place when ordering together? Nope! You only need t o be in the same country, so if your buddy is joining late, they can still join the same order from wherever they are. Remember all the food is delivered to the same delivery address. 🍔What if we forgot who ordered what? We got you! Check your order history and you can see who ordered exactly what. So no need to fight for the extra fries…! 🍔More questions? Happy to answer! Please contact customer support and we’ll answer asap.

Click on the picture for customer support if you are using the app. From the web, you can reach them by clicking on your profile in the upper right corner. 💙