💙 No-contact-delivery 💙

From now on all orders will be delivered contactless


November 13, 2020

The Wolt Team

Wolt orders will be left at your doorstep! 🚪 We’re taking all actions to help keep everyone safe. Due to this, your Wolt orders are “No-contact-deliveries”. This means that the courier will leave your delivery at your doorstep/entrance and mark it as delivered. 🚙 Before placing your order, you can indicate in the comment field for the courier where we should leave your order. Then, when selecting the order type, you can see that the small slider is set to "yes" for contactless delivery. 🍔 Remember to follow the order status to see when your food has arrived so it doesn’t get cold! Please also pick up the food only after the app has notified you that it has been delivered. ✨ You can switch the "No-contact-delivery" off at checkout, but please do so only for a really good reason. 🙂 Safe Wolting 🙏