Q&A on our features, in a nutshell 💙


May 2, 2023



In this article we have put a small guide together on our most frequently used features, if you have any other questions please feel free to contact our support team.

💳 Pay by SZÉP card! 🔢 How can you validate your voucher code? 💰 Credits 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Order together easier ⏰Preorder 🚙About the Service Fee 🚙 What is the "Éttermi futárral" sticker mean? 🧃 Substitute product option 🧾 How to request a VAT invoice 🚪 Contactless delivery 💳 Pay with SZÉP card! Breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner or snacks, from now on there's no question about how to spend the money on your SZÉP card. 🍴 This is how to use your SZÉP card: Choose a restaurant with a SZÉP card sticker that you like and place your order When summing up your order, select the corresponding SZÉP card in the payment methods Enter your card details, due to the characteristics of the SZÉP card you cannot save and add it to the payment methods like the other cards, you must enter it every time you place an order. That's it, place your order, sit back and leave the rest to us! 🚙 May the SZÉP card be with you! 💳 🔢 How can you validate your promo code? You can use different promo codes to get credits. In all cases you must validate the code first and then you can order with it. 💙 But don't panic, validating the code is just a few steps: 1. open your profile by clicking on the icon in the top left corner 2. Choose the promo codes menu item 3. enter the code and press submit 4. Then you can place your order, the final amount will be deducted from the credits as long as they are available, and the excess will be deducted from your card 5. You can always check how many credits and tokens you have and how long they are valid by going to Credits and Tokens in the menu In most cases, the number of vouchers and their expiry date are limited, so please check the Credits and Tokens section carefully. 💰 Credits You can find information about the credits on your profile (validity, place of use, etc.) in the Profile tab, under Credits. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Order together easier This feature makes it easy to place joint orders! 🍔 How does it work exactly? It may seem like a lot of steps at first, but it's actually very simple. 1. Choose a restaurant 2. select the "Grouporder" option at the top of the menu 3. Invite your friends to join your orsession by sharing the link via Viber, email, FB Messenger, Snapchat, Slack, SMS or copy and paste. 4. Choose what you would like to eat and wait for your friends to do the same 5. Once everyone has chosen what they want to eat, double-check the order and send it! 6. After that, all you have to do is wait for your food to be delivered! 🚲 🍔 Can we split payments if we order together? We are working on splitting the payments, but it will take a little more time. Currently, the price of the order will be deducted from the payment method chosen by the group captain. 🍔 Can we place orders from multiple restaurants together? You can place a group order for one restaurant, but if there are many of you, you can place multiple joint orders! 🤩 🍔 Do we physically have to be in the same place when we order together? No way! You just need to be in the same country, so if your friend arrives late for the event, they can still join the order wherever they are. However, it is important that you can order your food to one delivery address. 🍔 What happens if we forget who ordered what? Don't worry, check your order history and there you can see exactly who ordered what. So no fighting for extra potatoes ...! Enjoy your meal! 🍴 ⏰Preordering Just a few clicks and your order will be at your door any time! 🚙 (Pro tip: You can also pre-order when we are closed). How?: 1. click on the [Change] button next to the delivery time 2. select the [Schedule for later] option 3. finally, enter the date that suits you best 😎 🚙About the Service Fee The Service Fee will appear in the order summary before payment and will be charged for all orders placed on the Wolt platform. The fee is intended to maintain and improve the quality of the Wolt Service. This will allow us to innovate and further develop the Wolt application and web interface, to continuously maintain it in a modern way, to make the ordering experience smoother and to maintain our exceptional customer service. 🚙 What does the "Éttermi futárral" sticker mean? Wolt is an app that not only provides an interface for restaurants/businesses, but also handles delivery with its own couriers. The blue 'Éttermi futárral' sticker indicates those partners where the delivery is done by the partner's own courier, and not by our heroes in blue. What does this mean for the Wolt experience? - no tracking of orders within the app - delivery time is given by the restaurant - Wolt customer service is available on a limited basis, you can contact the restaurant to inquire about your order Take a look at the options! 🧃 Substitute product option! Have you ever waited for the courier with your weekly dose of groceries, but when it arrived you saw that there was no milk in the package, without which you couldn't drink your morning coffee? If you turn on the substitute option, this will never happen to you again! ✨ 🍭 What does it all mean? If you order a product/food that is currently out of stock, we will automatically offer you a similar product (e.g. another lactose-free milk instead of your favourite lactose-free milk). You can then decide whether you want to try the product we offer or wait until your favorite is available again. 🍬 How does it work exactly? Choose the products, add them to your cart. When you're done shopping, go to the checkout page. Under the list of your ordered items, you will find a function called "Substitution preferences". By clicking here, you will be able to select, item by item, which products you would like to accept substitutions for, in case the store is unable to send you the product of your choice. 🍩 What if the price of the new product is not the same as the product I originally chose? Of course, if the replacement item's price is higher, you'll get it without extra charge, and if it's cheaper, we'll refund the difference immediately. 🍪 You wouldn't want to go for it? No problem, you can simply decline before completing your order. The replacement product may be different from the original, but we will try to offer you an alternative as close as possible in quality. You can even try something new. 💙📲 🧾 How to request a VAT invoice You can request a VAT invoice for your Wolt order in the name of your company. Follow the steps below. If you often order on behalf of your company, we recommend our Wolt for Work corporate service. If you don't want to have a company profile, you can follow the step-by-step procedure to request a VAT invoice: 1. Open your profile (from the app, bottom right, from the desktop interface, top right). 2. select "Payment methods". 3. Click on your added card and choose edit or add a new card. 4. In the "Business card" menu, set the slider to "Yes" (you can do this even if you have added a private card to your profile, but you will need this setting to apply for an account). 5. Under "Company details", enter the name of the company, its registered office and tax number. These fields are mandatory. 6. Be sure to enter an email address to which the invoice will be sent. You will receive the invoice to the email address you have registered, but you can also add another one here (e.g. that of a colleague in accounting). 7. Save your changes. 8. Place your order at any of our restaurants. You will only be able to send the order after you have filled in the "Note to Accounting" section. You will need to enter the cost centre or the purpose of the order here. 9. The invoice will be sent to you by email and to the email address you provided when you changed your card details 10. Next time you want to place a private order from the same card, edit the card in the payment methods and set the slider in the "Business card" menu to "No", then save the changes. 🚪 Contactless delivery Your Wolt orders are waiting at your door! 🚪 We do our best to make ordering comfortable for everyone. That's why you have the option to order from Wolt without meeting anyone, which means the courier will deliver your order to your door/entrance - or wherever you request. 🚙 All you need to do is: before placing your order, you can indicate in the comment box for the courier where you want us to leave your order. Then, when selecting the type of order, you will see that the little slider is set to "yes" for contactless delivery. 🍔 Don't forget to keep an eye on your arrival time in the app to make sure your food doesn't get cold and only "pick it up" when the app has notified you that your delivery is complete! ✨