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February 21, 2024



Get to know more about our promotions! πŸ’™

πŸš™ Order with no delivery fee: You may have noticed that our no delivery fee offers show up often.πŸ€“ With this discount, you can usually order from a participating partner within a 5 km radius without a delivery fee. In many cases, you need to reach a minimum basket size, but this may vary from partner to partner. In any case, you can find the details on the partners' venue page on the app. In any case, you can find the details if you click the promotion banner on the partner's venue page on Wolt. πŸ” In Wolt Market stores, there are no delivery fee for orders over HUF 10000, provided you are no more than 4km from the store. For deliveries over 4km, we will deliver without delivery fee if the value of your basket reaches HUF 12000. πŸ›’ πŸ’° Credit back offers: Our partners may periodically have credit back promotions. This means that after your purchases that meet specific conditions, you will receive an amount back in credit to your profile according to the specific offer. In any case, the offer applies to the amount above the credits and tokens of your purchase! 🍦Periodic promotions: Offers made by our restaurant partners that are available on a temporary basis, while their stocks last. 🀩 Only on Wolt offers: Only on Wolt offers are custom made by restaurant partners that are only available on a temporary basis at Wolt platforms. These can be home delivery and takeaway orders, too. 🍾 These offers are valid until stocks last.🍴 πŸ’° Referral code: Share your referral code and earn credits! Were you satisfied with the delivery? The courier was fast, delivered your food hot and in perfect condition, made your day better with his kindness? 🀩 It has never been this easy to get a delicious dinner on the table, right? πŸ—πŸ₯—πŸ·πŸ₯˜ Now it's time to invite your friends so we can help them too, by getting something delicious on the table in a jiffy, while freeing up time for them to spend on exciting activities instead of working in the kitchen. What's more, you'll each get a great deal, as we'll credit you with 2X1000 HUF credits each! 🎁 When you share your referral code with your friends who add it to their profile in the app, they will instantly receive 1000 HUF credits to their balance to use on their first home delivery order. After their order is placed, they will automatically receive another 1000 HUF in credit to use on their second order. As soon as your first order arrives, you will get 1000 HUF credit as well, and after their second order, you will receive another 1000 HUF credit. Your code can be used 10 times ✨ This is how you share your referral code: 1. go to "Get Wolt Credits" in your profile 2. There you will find your referral code. ...just take the credits and enjoy the convenience! 🎁 Gift card: A Wolt gift card is not just a card you give as a gift when you have no better idea! There are so many creative ways to use it, just find Wolt Gift Shop in the Wolt app, choose the amount you like and order it. The gift card will be sent to your email address immediately after you place your order (which you can even forward to the person you've chosen with a click). All gift cards have a unique code on them, the gift recipient can validate these on Wolt under "Enter Coupon Code". Upon entering the credits will appear on their profile. πŸ’Έ The code is valid for one year.

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