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Berlin, Germany
Product Management

We are looking for a Product Lead to join our Product Management organization, working directly with the Logistics team. This is one of those parts of Wolt's business, people don't always realize the complexity of. Logistics is absolutely integral to Wolt, and doing it well can mean the difference between delivering blissful customer experiences efficiently and profitably vs. operational nightmare and a cacophony of late deliveries. Our routing platform is fully automated, with our proprietary route optimization system finding the optimal route for each courier partner, hopping between restaurants and customers.

As a Product Lead, you'll help the Logistics team to focus on the most impactful things by roadmapping, prioritizing and planning for new features and products correctly (with customer experience and Wolt’s internal efficiency metrics in mind). This may sound like a very standard PM role, but rest assured, it's a lot more. The growth possibilities are endless and we are looking to indulge you with a lot of ownership and responsibility.

The Logistics team works on several backend service components for route optimization, traffic flow prediction, delivery time prediction and supply/demand control. Scala and C++ are used in the backend services whereas data analysis and machine learning is in Python. The team is a mix of developers, data scientists and optimization researchers.

Our humble expectations

You could come to this role from a multitude of different backgrounds, but ideally, you have 

  • plenty of previous experience as a Product Manager / Lead or Engineering lead in a deep data science environment  -  you know what it takes to develop a great product 

  • experience working with complex data projects - you understand for example how data & ML models are built and how to investigate different data problems 

  •  a mixture of data analysis skills, engineering understanding and business savvy with the go-getter attitude of a "could-be start-up CEO." 

  • expertise in how to work with and coach cross-functional teams, at least with developers, data experts and with engineering teams

  • it’s a plus for you if you come from the logistics side since you would be inventing new ways we are doing logistics

It may sound like we are looking for a unicorn (which we probably are), but we believe in unicorns - we are looking for the perfect fit to support us taking our product to the next level. If you think you might be the one, we are hoping to hear from you!

Our offering to you 

Overall our product consists of a team of 300 people at Wolt 30 Product management experts. We aim to build no other than the best-in-the-world product management team here at Wolt. 

You’ll get to work in a company culture where we take ownership beyond the obvious, do common things uncommonly well, we think big but stay humble, do right by people, we treat others kindly and justly, recognize that if we don’t learn, we won’t stay still but fall behind and keep in mind that Luke was Yoda’s greatest achievement. Read more about how we work

The compensation is a combination of monthly pay and Wolt stock options. The latter makes it exceptionally easy to be excited about our company growing and doing well, as you'll own a piece of the pie. 🙌

Next steps

If the advertised role looks like an exciting challenge - the right time to apply is now! 😊
We cannot wait to get to know more about you and explore how you can apply your talents in the ownership environment at Wolt. 

About Wolt

Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get the best restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to your home or office. Wolt works together with over 52,000 restaurant and retail partners as well as with over 110,000 courier partners across 23 countries and 210 cities.

Our apps (iOS and Android) have the industry’s highest reviews, largely because of our customer-centric approach to how we build our products and operations. For example, our customer service team responds in a matter of seconds, in the customer’s own language.

We’ve raised more than €707M in financing from renowned U.S. and European based investors, such as ICONIQ Capital, Tiger Global, DST, Prosus, KKR, Coatue, 83North, Goldman Sachs, Highland Europe and EQT Ventures & EQT Growth, among others. We've also been fortunate enough to receive some appreciation and recognition for our hard work along the way: Apple selected Wolt’s app as their Editors' Choice, Wired named the company one of the "Hottest Startups in Europe," Forbes included our CEO Miki Kuusi on its 30-under-30 in Consumer Tech list, and the Nordic Startup Awards named Wolt Company of the Year.

In 2020, the Financial Times named us Europe’s second fastest growing company. We’re still expanding rapidly and are looking for more talented individuals to join us. If you are passionate about cutting-edge technology, great food, and making an impact in your city, then Wolt just might be for you.

Wolt is more than just a food and retail delivery operation – in fact we are built upon a solid foundation of state-of-the-art technology. Our internal tooling enables us to ramp up new cities efficiently and provide excellent customer service, our own logistics platform allows us to optimise our couriers' work to get you the food you want as fast as possible, and our restaurant platform allows restaurants to offer exciting food experiences for our customers in an optimal way.

We work in small teams with high ownership, with each team focusing on a key area of the Wolt product stack. Each and every one of our product team members has a say in where we are going and what solutions we implement. We work with a passion, but we haven't forgotten how to have fun along the way!


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