Streetfood in Oral and plov in Dubai


May 11, 2023



Stories of Oral's street food preachers: Akzhol and Dastan (PVSH street food), Ruslan (PLOFF restaurant), and Elaman (ZhuZhu pizzeria)

It all started with a roadside kiosk at the entrance to Samara, where one of the three friends bought shawarma from an Uzbek. The friend rides, takes food for him and his friends - and does so for five years. As a result, all three decided that it was time to open a cafe in Oral. The Uzbek shared the recipe, but it turned out that the shawarma wouldn't be the same anyway. Lavash for shawarma has been made only in Samara for several generations. As a result, at first, pita bread for the Oral street food “PVSH” (“Just Delicious Shawarma”) was transported every day across the Russian-Kazakh border. Oral street food preachers have interesting biographies. Akzhol works as an air traffic controller three days a week, Dastan was engaged in well servicing. Ruslan is the owner of the popular PLOFF chain with a simple and effective concept: a short menu, fixed prices, and a 0% service fee. At one point in his life, the future owner of the successful ZhuZhu pizzeria, Elaman Baigirey, decided to make real Italian pizza in Oral. He bought equipment and kept the dough, but ZhuZhu visitors were so used to the American pizza style that they flooded the pizzeria with negative reviews. Elaman was upset, but he heard the consumer. He has learned to accept that there can be difficulties in business.

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