Vegan Rawhouse

    Vegan Rawhouse

    Fresh vegan raw food·

    Vegan Rawhouse vienintelis gyvo, žalio maisto baras/restoranas Vilniuje. Visi patiekalai ruošiami šviežiai ir ne aukštesnėje nei 45 laipsnių C temperatūroje. Vegan Rawhouse is the only lively, raw food bar/restaurant in Vilnius. All dishes are prepared fresh and not higher than 45 degrees C.

    Time estimate

    Average delivery time
    30–50 min

    To see more accurate time estimate,  please add your address

    If you want to order takeaway or eat on the premises, the average preparation time is 20–40 minutes.


    Open today: 12.00–19.00
    Delivery today: 12.00–18.30
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    Rūdninkų g. 12-1
    Venue is closed. Ordering not possible.