May your first order be special πŸ’™

Welcome to Wolt!


January 18, 2024


from Wolt

Thank you for joining Wolt! We are truly happy πŸ’™ We are here to help you explore and get delicious food and necessary products from best places in CΔ“sis! To make your first Wolt order even more special, we have a small gift for you: 1. Go to your profile 2. Open section "Enter a promo code" 3. Enter code "CESIS"* 4. And receive 7€ Wolt credits πŸŽ‰ Wolt credits work as a discount from your next (first) order! Have a delicious start in Wolt! πŸ” *The code is valid only for your FIRST Wolt order! Enter the code before you make your first order.

Enjoy the discount on your first order!

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