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May 9, 2023



Wolt gift coupons are a great gift for your employees, colleagues, business partners and customers! 🎉 We are happy to help you find the most suitable solution according to your needs and wishes! You can choose the amount, expiration date and other restrictions of the coupons. 🚀 Wolt's solution for business is here - Wolt for Work! Our personal approach helps you find the best solution based on your needs. Just some of the benefits: - Monthly invoicing - Monitor spending, set budgets and restrictions. - Dedicated account manager - Virtual events Fast, easy and convenient! 💙 This is a very simple way to use Wolt services for business customers. Reward your employees and put smiles on their faces! 🍕đŸĢđŸĨ‚ Contact emails: alisters.aigars@wolt.com linda.romanovica@wolt.com

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