Tipping after delivery

Leave a tip to the courier partner after receiving the order!


April 22, 2024



For some time now, you have had the opportunity to say an extra "thank you" to the courier partner by leaving him a tip in the moment when the purchase is made. However, many of our customers prefer to leave a tip after receiving their order. This feature took longer to build than planned, but after a lot of hard work, it's finally here. We are happy to announce that now you can leave a tip to the courier partner even after receiving the order. After delivery, you will have 24 hours to leave a tip. How to do it? Go to "Order History" in your profile, select the desired order, click "Rate Order" and leave your rating and preferred tip amount. Just like the tip left at the time of purchase, the tip given after delivery goes directly to the courier partner. It is important to know that you can only leave a tip for orders delivered by a Wolt courier partner (i.e., this option will not be available if the order has been delivered by restaurant or store employees).

Can't leave a tip?

Can't leave a tip?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the Wolt app, as older versions do not support the 'Tip After Delivery' feature. If this does not help, contact our customer support team. 💙