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February 7, 2024


from Wolt

Are you ordering Wolt at least 2 times per month? You can save your monthly expenses by joining Wolt+. Wolt+ is a new membership service that allows you to save by receiving the following benefits: 1. Unlimited deliveries with €0 delivery fee from all Wolt+ restaurants and stores Wolt+ 0€ delivery fee applies to: - Wolt+ restaurant orders of minimum €9, - Wolt+ retail orders of minimum €12, - Wolt+ grocery orders of minimum €20 2. Wolt+ specials: Enjoy higher discounts on various offers from Wolt+ restaurants 3. 5% creditback to all takeaway orders: Get 5% back in Wolt credits from any takeaway order. The maximum amount of Wolt credits that you can get back at once is 5€. The credits are valid for 14 days. We offer you Wolt+ for 30 day free trial period so you can enjoy the benefits and decide about joining Wolt+.

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