Baba Lebanese Street Food CLOSED

You Won’t Find A More Authentic Lebanese Food Experience!


Shourbet Addas (V)

Typical Lebanese lentil soup with root vegetables and light spices, served with pita bread


Shourbet Dejej

Chicken broth with root vegetables and burgul, served with pita bread



Salatet Felafel (V) (GF)

Chickpea felafel, kabis (Lebanese pickles), Iceberg lettuce, mint and rucola, radicchio, spring onions and cherry tomatoes, radishes, tahini and lemon dressing


Salatet Halloumi Meshwi (V) (GF)

Charcoal-grilled halloumi cheese, iceberg lettuce, mint and rucola, radicchiop, spring onions and cherry tomatoes, radishes, black olives, za’atar, almond pesto dressing


Fattoush (V)

Iceberg lettuce, mint, rucola, radicchio, spring onions and cherry tomatoes, radishes, sumac and pomegranate dressing, crunchy pita curls


Tabbouleh Burghul (V)

Chopped parsley, onions, tomatoes, burghul, olive oil and lemon dressing



Homous (V) (GF)

Chickpea dip with tahini and lemon juice


Muhammara (V) 🌶

Grilled red peppers, walnuts, white bread crumbs, harissa, tahini, sumac, pomegranate and ground pistachios


Mutabal Betinjan (V) (GF)

Open-flame smoked aubergines, tahini, garlic and lemon juice


Zeytoon Imshakkal (GF) (V) 🌶

Marinated local olives with lemon, chilli and za’atar prepared in-house


Labneh B’Jozz (V) (GF)

Home-made strained yoghurt mixed with garlic, mint and lemon juice and topped with crushed walnuts



Shish Tawouk

Flatbread filled with marinated and grilled chicken breast skewers, toum (garlic spread), mint, lettuce and kabis (Lebanese pickles)


Not available

Falafel (V)

Flatbread filled with falafel, onions, parsley, tomatoes, kabis (Lebanese pickles), radishes, mint and tahini sauce


Not available

Halloumi Meshwi (V)

Flat bread filled with grilled halloumi cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, almond and garlic pesto dressing


Kafta Ghanam

Flatbread filled with aromatic minced lamb, homous, tomatoes, onions, parsley and sumac


Not available

Batata Harra (V)

Flat bread filled with potato cubes, garlic mayo, chili sauce, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, kabis (lebanese pickles) and fresh coriander


Sujuk Ajjel

Wrapped and toasted pita bread filled with home-made spicy beef sausage mix, toum (garlic spread), kabis (Lebanese pickles) and fries



Arayess Ghanam

Pita bread filled with aromatic minced lamb, toasted and served with homous, kabis (Lebanese pickles) and fries


Not available

Sujuk Ajjel Burger

Spicy beef burger with toum (garlic spread) harrisa, lettuce, tomatoes and kabis (Lebanese pickles)


Arayess Dejej

Pita bread filled with aromatic minced chicken breast and thighs, toasted and served with toum (garlic paste), kabis (Lebanese pickles) and seasoned fries


Burger Dejej

Breaded chicken thigh, labneh (strained yoghurt), lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and melted cheese



All Grills are served with our homemade Saj bread

Shish Tawouk

Garlic marinated and grilled chicken breast skewers with garlic, oregano and spices, served with kabis (Lebanese pickles), toum (garlic spread), mixed salad and fries


Not available

Meshwi Imshakkal

Mixed grill of kabab sujuk, chicken shish tawouk and lamb kafta, grilled onions and tomatoes, homous, kabis (lebanese pickles), mixed salad and fries


Not available

Kafta Ghanam Meshwi

Minced and grilled lamb, with spices and herbs, grilled onions and tomatoes, mixed salad and fries


Not available

Sujuk Ajjel Mishwi

Grilled spicy beef sausage mix skewers, served with mixed leaf salad, fries, toum (garlic spread) and homous



Samboosak Cheese (2pcs) (V)

Little pie crescents filled with halloumi cheese, feta, and akkawi


Samboosak Chicken (2pcs)

Little pie crescents filled with aromatic chicken, yoghurt, dried mint and light spices


Felafel (5pcs) (GF) (V)

Deep-fried chickpea patties served with tahini sauce and kabis (Lebanese pickles)


Halloumi Meshwi (4pcs) (GF) (V)

rilled halloumi cheese with za’atar and black olives


Kibbeh (2pcs)

Lamb and burghul balls stuffed with onions, pine nuts and light spices deep fried and served with tahini sauce


Raqaqat B’Jibneh (2pcs) (V) 🌶

Briq pastry filled with grated mozzarella, feta, halloumi and labneh, crushed garlic, spring onions, coriander and chili


Seasoned Fries


Batata Harra (V) (GF)

Fried potato cubes and smothered in chili and garlic sauce, topped with garlic mayo, english mustard and fresh coriander.


Waraq Enab, 8 pieces (V) (GF)

Vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs, cooked in olive oil and served cold



Baklava, 4 pieces (V)

Baklava made in-house with pistachios and walnuts, smothered in orange blossom water syrup


Helwa, 150g

Traditional middle eastern dessert of sesame paste, sugar, glucose and almonds



Pita bread

Price per piece


Harissa 🌶

Chilli paste



Garlic spread



Sesame seed spread



Lebanese pickles




Harra Sauce





Coca Cola, 330ml

€2.30Incl. €0.10 deposit

Coca Cola Zero, 330ml

€2.30Incl. €0.10 deposit

Kinnie, 330ml

€2.30Incl. €0.10 deposit

Kazouza Apple, 275ml


Kazouza Lemon, 275ml


Kazouza Mint & Lemon, 275ml


Still Water, 330ml

€2.30Incl. €0.10 deposit

Sparkling Water, 330ml

€2.30Incl. €0.10 deposit


Almaza Lebanese Beer, 330ml

€3.85(5% vol)


Lbeera Beer, 330ml

€3.85(5% vol)



Chateau Heritage Blanc De Blanc, 750ml

€24.15(13% vol)


Chateau Heritage Saint Elie Blanc, 750ml

€25.25(12.5% vol)