Balance Bowl

Fully vegan, healthy & fresh menu


Get 2 Chicken Bugers & 1 FREE Cisk

€32.1038.95Incl. €0.10 deposit

Gluten-Free Combo

Choose 2 items from the gluten-free mains section and get a free loaded fries or trio of salads


Chef's Soup & Pea-Tahini Dip & Crunchy Nachos


Trio of Salads & Crispy Baby Potatoes



Croissants Plain Or Saucy?

Freshly baked croissants that melt in your mouth


Lemon Curd Muffin

Ooozing with Lemon Curd, this will Zing you out!!



10:00-12:00 ONLY

Wrap Or Ftira Breakfast Combo

Choose 2 wraps or ftiras and get 2 drinks for free


Not available

Breakfast Bowls Combo

Choose 2 breakfast bowls and get 2 drinks for free


Not available


Saturday&Sunday 10:00-12:00 ONLY

Island No Toona

Get ready to be transported to the tropics with our warm and crispy ftira slices bursting with our secret no toona recipe, refreshing cucumber, tart sauce dressing and garnished with crispy onions and fresh dill


Not available

Smokin’ No Sausage Grilled Wrap

Satisfy your cravings with the wrap filled with marinated baked tofu, savoury no sausage, golden sweet potato and fresh spinach leaves, wrapped in a smoky sauce and tangy dressing


Not available

Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats

Wake up to a decadent breakfast of silky chocolate oats soaked in soya milk, topped with banana slices, shredded coconut, chia and roasted and toasted seeds


Not available

Blueberry Bliss Bowl

Indulge in the heavenly blend of juicy blueberries and creamy banana, topped with luscious coconut milk and showered with sliced bananas, chilled blueberries, seeds and crunchy walnuts


Not available