eeetwell Centerparc Qormi (Delivery & Pickup)

Freshly made food using the best locally sourced products!


Avo Blast (V)

Avocado, baby spinach, boiled egg, cherry tomato , multigrain ciabatta, honey mustard mayo, and sesame seeds. 489 kcal, 19.5g P / 24.4g C / 18.6g F


Not available

Berry & Coco Bowl (V)

Coconut milk, honey, blueberries, banana, coconut, granola and mixed berries. 577 kcal, 5.9g P / 44.8g C / 3.5g F


Not available

Super Green Bowl (V)

Avocado, banana, pineapple, kale, baby spinach, oat milk, granola, mixed berries , chia seeds. 448 kcal 6.7g P / 61.4g C / 19.6g


Not available

Dark Cocoa Oat Bowl (V)

Dark cocoa powder,oats,almond milk,roasted nuts ,dried fruits, and sliced banana. 791 kcal 28g P/106g C / 29g F



Frawli-Feta (V)

Fresh local strawberries, kale, Balsamic dressing, almonds, feta cheese, cucumber, red onion, and croutons, avocado. 470 kcal 10g P / 40g C/ 19g F


Crown Chicken Bowl

Roasted chicken thighs, local broad beans, grilled marrows, barley, olive oil, parsley, kale, roasted cherry tomatoes, peppers, crispy tortilla, and feta cheese. 557 kcal 27g P /42g C /31g F


Strawberry Sunrise (V)

Fresh Local Strawberries, banana, honey, frozen yoghurt, vanilla, and whole milk. 320 kcal / 340 kcal



Heart - warming goodness.

Punjabi Chicken (GF) πŸ’š

Fan Favourite πŸ’š Roasted chicken thighs, basmati rice, cucumber, cherry tomato, red onion, sweet corn, peppers, kale, curry, and coriander dressing. 520kcal, 22g P, 54g C, 25g F



Brooklyn Greens

Roasted chicken thighs, goat cheese, sweet potato, basmati rice, almonds,kale, maple balsamic dressing, and apples. 628kcal, 25g P, 43g C, 40g F



Patong Beef

Pulled beef, basmati rice, cucumber, cherry tomato, peppers, red onion, kale, carrots, sesame seeds, teriyaki and soy dressing. 520kcal, 25g P, 51g C, 25g F