Finca Velez Coffee House

One-of-a-kind specialty Colombian coffee shop in Sliema

Wolt Specials

Breakfast Combo

Overnight oat and coffee of your choice



Apple Pie Oats

Overnight oats with cinnamon baked apples and homemade granola


Kiwi Coconut Oats

Overnight oats with kiwi purée and coconut milk


Nectarine & Yogurt Oats

Overnight oats with fresh Maltese nectarines , white chocolate chips, vegan yogurt and homemade granola



Turkey Sandwich

Open-faced sandwich with homemade focaccia, coriander mayonnaise, pickled onion, salad, cheese and sliced turkey meat


Not available

Roast Beef Sandwich

Open-faced sandwich with homemade focaccia, pickle mayo, dried tomato, and crispy onions


Not available

Beet Hummus & Avo Sandwich (VG)

Beetroot hummus, roasted spiced chickpeas, avocado on a slice of toasted focaccia


Not available

Cheese Toastie (V)

Toasted focaccia with butter, American cheese and cheddar cheese


Not available


Chocolate Babka (VG)

Sweet bread with chocolate


Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet buttery roll with cinnamon



Banana Bread

Sweet banana bread, served with whipped cream and banana chips



Oatmeal Cookie

Sweet oatmeal and butter biscuit


Chocolate Chip Cookie (VG)

Vegan cookie with dark chocolate chips


Double Chocolate Cookie (GF)

Gooey, flourless dark chocolate cookie, with white chocolate chips




Soft butter and sugar cookie



Cookie Box, Small


Cookie Box, Medium


Cookie Box, Large



Honey Cake

Layers of thin honey biscuit and tangy cream


Burnt Cheesecake (GF)

Burnt Basque cheesecake with baked apples with cinnamon and homemade granola. Gluten-free without the crumble


Orange Loaf Cake (VG)

Vegan orange loaf cake with tangy vegan yogurt


Chocolate Brownie

Decadent dark brownie chocolate with a gooey interior



Honey Lavender Latte

Lavender-infused honey, made in-house, with a shot of espresso and any milk of your choice. Vegan milk options are available. Can be made fully vegan using homemade vegan lavender syrup


Chai Latte

Spiced chai, with slightly frothed milk. Vegan milk options available


Dirty Chai Latte

Chai latte with a shot of espresso


Matcha Latte

Organic milk-based matcha drink. Vegan milk options available


Espresso Sunset

A shot of espresso with freshly squeezed orange juice and tangerine tonic water. Super refreshing


Cold Brew Tonic

Homemade cold brew coffee with tangerine tonic water




Short coffee, made with our selected coffee beans


Double (Doppio)

A double shot of espresso, made with our own coffee beans



A shot of espresso, topped with water. Made with our own coffee beans



Fluffy milk-based coffee with milk. Vegan milk options available



Caffe Latte

Milk-based coffee with slightly frothed milk. Vegan milk options available