Net Viet

Best Asian Cuisine in the neighbourhood



Crispy fried parcels filled with minced pork, and vegetables


Cha Gio

Vietnamese ground pork spring rolls containing carrots, mushrooms, onions, and glass noodles


Gio Cuon

Traditional Vietnamese Spring rolls. Choose your filling below.



Vietnamese Soup

Choose your main ingredient below



Vietnam's culinary voyage: where flavor meets tradition!

Com Suon

Grilled pork chop marinated in soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, garlic, and lemongrass, served over a bed of broken rice



Com Ga Nuong

Grilled chicken served with broken rice


Bun Cha Ha Noi

Rice vermicelli noodles with grilled pork


Phở Soup

Traditional Vietnamese Soup with beef, onion, spring onion, thin rice noodles, fresh herbs spices and served with sate sauce.



Com Suon Trung

Broken rice with grilled pork chops and egg


Bun Bo Hue

Traditional Vietnamese Spicy Beef Soup with thick vermicelli noodles.




Fresh rice noodles and fish sauce with selection below



Vegetable Spring Roll, 4 pieces

Carrots, spring onion, cabbage, and vermicelli noodles. Served with sweet chili sauce


Duck Spring Roll, 4 pieces

Duck, carrots, spring onion, cabbage, and vermicelli noodles. Served with fresh chili sauce


Chicken Satay, 4 pieces

Chicken marinated in spices and grilled, served with peanut sauce


Deep Fried Sun Dried Pork

Fried pork with soy sauce, garlic, peppercorns and leeche lime. Served with sweet chili sauce


Deep Fried Chicken Wings, 3 pieces


Chicken Katsu

4 Pieces deep fried chicken


Thai Style Omelette

Choose your protein below



Tom Yum Noodle Soup

Hot Thai soup with chili paste, rice noodles, spring onion, cabbage, coriander and topped with peanuts


Pad Thai

Stir-fry rice noodle with cabbage , egg, spring onion carrots in tamarin sauce topped up with peanuts



Pad Kee Mao

Stir-fry egg noodle with cabbage ,spring onion carrots in spicy sauce



Fried Rice

Spring onion, carrots and eggs with choice of protein



Galangal Soup

Coconut milk, tomatoes, mushrooms, lemongrass, lime, galangal, kaffir and chili


Creamy Tom Yum Soup

Spicy soup with tomatoes, mushrooms, evaporated milk, lime, chili, galangal and coconut milk


Clear Tom Yum Soup

Spicy soup with tomatoes, mushrooms, Thai herbs, lemongrass, lime, chili and gangal



Holy Basil Stir Fry

Peppers, onions, garlic and basil leaves


Oyster Sauce Stir Fry

Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, onion and oyster sauce


Garlic Stir Fry

Black pepper, oyster sauce, deep fried garlic and coriander


Yellow Bamboo Shoot Stir Fry With Chili Powder

Curry with lime leaves and bell peppers


Sweet & Sour Stir Fry

Onion, sweet peppercorn and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce



Panang Curry

Choice of protein with panang curry paste, coconut milk, pepper and kaffir leaves


Massaman Curry

Choice of protein with massam curry paste, coconut milk, peppers and kaffir leaves


Red Curry

Choice of protein with red curry paste, coconut milk, zucchini, peppers and basil


Green Curry

Choice of protein with green curry paste, coconut milt, zucchini, peppers and basil



Coca Cola, 330ml


Coca Cola Diet, 330ml


Fanta, 330ml


Sprite, 330ml


Still Water Large