Sharma Ethnic Cuisines

Indian, Arabian & Mediterranean food


Dips Platter or 2 People

Four small portions of different dips in one platter with 2 freshly baked flat bread


1. Salatah Mashweya

A mix of grilled vegetables mashed into a dip, mixed with olive oil and spices


2. Baba Gannoush

A mix of grilled vegetables mashed into a dip, mixed with olive oil and spices


3. Hummus

Puree of crushed chickpeas, sesame seed oil, lemon juice and olive oil


4. Garlic Dip

Puree of crushed garlic mixed with milk and vegetable oil


Freshly Baked Pitta Bread

Arabian flat bread



32. Tikka Masala

Pieces of boneless chicken thighs marinated in yoghurt and masala spices cooked in a mild thick



33. Rogan Josh

Pieces of boneless lamb legs cooked in spicy sauce


34. Madras

Beef cooked in medium hot curry sauce


35. Vindaloo

Beef cooked in a very hot curry sauce


36. Korma

Pieces of boneless chicken thighs cooked in a thick curry sauce



37.Fish Curry

Pieces of fish (Dog Fish/Mazzola) cooked in a curry sauce


37.Prawn Curry

Prawns cooked in traditional Indian spices


38.King Prawns Curry

King Prawns cooked in thick sauce mixed with Indian spices



5. Spicy Chicken Wings, 4 Pieces

Coated in a spicy Indian masala and deep-fried


6. Samosa, 4 Pieces

Pastry pockets filled with vegetables with a mix of Indian spices and deep fried


7. Pakora, 4 Pieces

Deep fried vegetables coated in a spicy batter of chickpea flour



Deep fried balls made of mixed vegetables dipped in a spicy chickpea flour batter. 4pcs


9.Paneer Pakora

Homemade soft cottage cheese wrapped in a mixture of spices and deep fried. 4pcs


10. Poppadums, 2 Pieces

Poppadums served with mango chutney



11.Mahshe, 4 Pieces

Marrows stuffed with minced beef, rice, onions and fresh herbs, baked in oven


12. Boureek, 4 Pieces

Filo pastry pockets stuffed with tuna and cheese