La Border

En ekte meksikansk burrito-bar!

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Wolt Specials


"Behold the Grand Tortilla Extravaganza: Bursting with delectable fusions of Mexican and American flavors, served in a colossal tortilla. Can be crafted gluten-free in a bowl. Prepare for a taste adventure like no other!"


We make the masa for the tortillas that become nachos “they are gluten free”

Mexican Famous

Cool and famous dishes down from the border. Worth the try

Side dishes

For those who are a little bit more hungry.


Spanish fried dough cover with sugar and cinnamon, there's nothing better.



Rettene hos La Border er inspirert av en utveksling av kulturer som eksisterer på grensen mellom USA og Mexico.


Thomas Angells gate 14

7011 Trondheim

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