Wolt restaurant awards 2019

For the first time ever, Wolt is awarding the best Wolt restaurants of the year in Finland. Restaurants are awarded in two categories: Finland’s top rated restaurants 2019 and customer’s choice 2019. 

wolt restaurant awards

Best Wolt restaurants in 2019

After every successful order we ask our customers to rate the food. Now we’re awarding those restaurants that received the best ratings during 2019. In 16 cities, we are awarding 3 top rated restaurants. That makes 48 restaurants in total. There's more than 1000 restaurants on Wolt throughout Finland, so making it to the top 48 is an amazing achievement. Moreover, we’re now revealing the one restaurant that you voted as the favourite Wolt restaurant of the year.

Top rated restaurants 2019


The #1 top rated restaurant in Helsinki is a small sushi restaurant known for its quality sushi, interesting menu and focus on sustainability. If you like sushi, you’re guaranteed to like Minato.


Kippo is a vegan restaurant known for its sandwiches and smoothies. Everything is plant-based and downright delicious. Their most popular dish is Sir Pesto sandwich paired with a yummy smoothie of your choosing.


Twisted is a small Asian inspired lunch restaurant that serves such amazing curry dishes and chili bowls that you’re very likely to start craving these every week. Do try their most popular dish: chili pork bowl.

Favourite Wolt restaurant 2019

Naughty BRGR

In November, we asked our customers to vote for their favourite Wolt restaurant of the year. We got over 10 000 votes, and out of those, Naughty BRGR came out as a clear winner. This popular burger joint was first founded in Helsinki by the first Finnish Top Chef winner Akseli Herlevi, and now these tasty burgers can be enjoyed in five cities around Finland.

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