Wolt for work – eating at the office done right


March 13, 2023


Marketing Associate

The easiest way to get company food orders invoiced. Easily order great food to the office from nearby restaurants. Set up meal policies for teams. Get invoiced monthly. Core benefits: ✅ Whole staff expenses in 1 invoice ✅ All accounts in one place ✅ Easy-to-download reports Teambuilding? Meeting? Friday refreshment after a long week? Wolt for Work saves you time and effort. Have full visibility and control over your company's orders in one place. Teams can order together for late evening crunches. Scheduled deliveries arrive on time for specific meetings. Virtual event? Send food voucher to your event attendees with a few clicks. Easily manage their usage and get invoiced exactly the amount they've used. Your office managers will love it! 😍 How it works (only 4 steps 🤫): 🏢 Set up a company account Decide how teams can order food and start inviting people to Wolt for Work. 🍔 Make orders Employees can order alone, or you can order for everyone. 📍 Track orders Follow your orders live in the Wolt app or wolt.com. Company's past orders can be viewed in the admin portal. 💳 Pay monthly Get invoiced and pay for all company orders once a month. Wolt delivers in 11 cities in Slovakia and users can order in any city they currently are. To get started with Wolt for Work, please contact Bohdana Szuhaj at bohdana.szuhaj@wolt.com 💙