Get 6 EUR credit for your order!


April 4, 2022


This is what we call a win-win situation. Invite a friend to start wolting (it can of course be also a neighbor, your mom, your ex-girlfriend, or anybody else) using your personal promo code. Both you and the friend will get 6 EUR in credits. 🤫 How can you do this? 1. Open your profile by clicking the very right tab in the app. 2. Click on "Earn Wolt credits". 3. Cick on "Share your referral code" and send it to as many friends as possible. 4. Every single time a friend finishes his/her first Wolt delivery order, both you and him/her will get 6 EUR (3x2€) in Wolt credits. If they use the first 2€, you get your 2€, if they use another 2€, you get them, too. Happy sharing! 💙